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Travellers: You’re paying too much for data.

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Have you ever been on vacation; or perhaps travelling on business; and found that you’d like to connect to the Internet to reach those back home only to find that you’re unable to find a reliable WiFi source nearby? Or perhaps you were able to get through using your mobile phone as a hotspot, only […]

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Check out our viral video for “What a Wonderful World”

A pictorial rendition of the all-time favorite What A Wonderful World set in piano musical score and lyrics. It consists of wondrous scenery and images, captured all over the world, of sunrise, sunset, flowers, forests, birds, dogs, panda, penguins , waterfalls, lava flows, waves, baby, children and people and good ideas to enable you to […]

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Mobile Roaming Case Study: How PiFi & PiFi Services Pay for Themselves

We all know that mobile roaming phone bill stories are terrifying which is why many of us are scared to turn on our phones to make a phone call to a loved one while travelling.

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Data Roaming for Iphone, Ipads & Androids almost everywhere for under $2/MB

Do you like to travel? Even if you do or don’t, sooner or later we all begin to miss the comforts of home: the familiar faces of friends & family, a reliable internet connection and maybe even that ole’ watering hole where you like to catch up on everything going on. Your mobile devices make easy to stay connected while you’re away but telcos make it difficult to manage the costs for roaming buffaloes like yourself.

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What is PiFi and PiFiZone?

PiFi is a wireless adapter used to provide internet access to wireless devices, such as, computers, mobile telephones, and tablets, through mobile telecommunications networks or wireless communication networks.

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First Look at the new PiFiSIM card Coverage Map

There are 3 types of PiFiSIM: PiFiSIM-M, PiFiSIM-R, and PiFiSIM-T. Each SIM gives you access to reduced mobile roaming data rates and each SIM offers you a unique price point advantage over the others depending on where you are in the world.

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