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Check out our viral video for “What a Wonderful World”

A pictorial rendition of the all-time favorite What A Wonderful World set in piano musical score and lyrics. It consists of wondrous scenery and images, captured all over the world, of sunrise, sunset, flowers, forests, birds, dogs, panda, penguins , waterfalls, lava flows, waves, baby, children and people and good ideas to enable you to […]

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Data Roaming for Iphone, Ipads & Androids almost everywhere for under $2/MB

Do you like to travel? Even if you do or don’t, sooner or later we all begin to miss the comforts of home: the familiar faces of friends & family, a reliable internet connection and maybe even that ole’ watering hole where you like to catch up on everything going on. Your mobile devices make easy to stay connected while you’re away but telcos make it difficult to manage the costs for roaming buffaloes like yourself.

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