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Los mejores 10 tips de viaje – Tips PiFi

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Lograr que un viaje sea placentero se puede lograr con un poco de planificación, que va desde organizar tus documentos, descargar apps de viaje hasta considerar alternativas que permitan tener conexión a internet y llamadas sin tener que pagar el elevado costo de roaming internacional. Asegúrate de tener  tus documentos personales en regla: pasaporte vigente […]

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Check out our viral video for “What a Wonderful World”

A pictorial rendition of the all-time favorite What A Wonderful World set in piano musical score and lyrics. It consists of wondrous scenery and images, captured all over the world, of sunrise, sunset, flowers, forests, birds, dogs, panda, penguins , waterfalls, lava flows, waves, baby, children and people and good ideas to enable you to […]

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Mobile Roaming Case Study: How PiFi & PiFi Services Pay for Themselves

We all know that mobile roaming phone bill stories are terrifying which is why many of us are scared to turn on our phones to make a phone call to a loved one while travelling.

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What is PiFi and PiFiZone?

PiFi is a wireless adapter used to provide internet access to wireless devices, such as, computers, mobile telephones, and tablets, through mobile telecommunications networks or wireless communication networks.

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You are the Wireless Hotspot: Getting Ready with PiFi

Our studies show that men and women have different ways of dressing up their PiFi in the morning. There are very few articles of clothing that are truly unisex and the PiFi wireless hotspot Device is one of them.

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