Power Funding for the Complete PiFiZone Service Proposition

PiFiZone which offers PiFi and supporting PiFi Services has launched on Indiegogo. More details can be found on the PiFiZone crowdfunding page:


Today Ecocarrier launches their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for www.pifizone.com that is a launching a group of products and services that make mobile data services for WiFi-enabled devices ubiquitous and affordable for all travelers as well as making international voice calls dialed from Smartphones by IP telephony from anywhere to be at the ultimate lowest cost to users.

It is a comprehensive service provision that is the result of an intelligent integration of:

PiFi – a 3G Router and WiFi Generator that produces a Personal WiFi Hotzone

PiFiSIM – a selection of specially designed mobile roaming data SIM and
service oering extremely low-priced data service with Internet

PiFiDialer – a Mobile Dialer for use with iOS, Android, Windows in iPhones,
Smartphones, iPADs, Tablets, PC and Laptops

PiFiVoice – a high-quality best value call termination service for IP telephony

It is a wholesome service that one can use to achieve the optimum savings in
data and voice communications with the greatest facility.

The services are ubiquitous (anywhere with 3G), convenient, safe and aordable. All designed to enable one to be more connected.

In the crowd funding campaign, funders are asked to pledge various amounts – US$5, US$25, US$99, US$115, US$175, US$185, US$320, US$750, US$1575, US$10,000 – in support for the proposed purpose of the funding. For pledge amounts greater than US$25, each funder actually would get a PiFi unit, PiFiSIM and discount privileges on PiFi Services that amount to greater value than the amount of the pledge.

Pledge of US$1575 and pledge of US$10,000 would give the funder authorized reseller status and a start-up inventory of PiFi and PiFiSIM and PiFi Services at a special large discount applicable to authorized resellers.

It is really a win-win proposition.

The crowdfunding campaign is deemed as the most ecient way for a small company with great value proposition of products, solutions and services to achieve the following:

(a) a quick and least expensive way to get funding without diluting the equity of the corporation

(b) a great way to get publicity for the corporation’s products and services

(c) an excellent way to build a distribution network

The Management of Ecocarrier is enthused with the prospects of achieving the above-stated objectives through the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.

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