Quick City Guide | Shanghai, China


The basics

Entry Requirements: Visa and a valid passport. The passport must be valid for 6 months beyond the date which you applied for the visa.
Security: Petty crime (pickpocketing, theft of mobile phones) is prevalent in the day time – generally tourists are targets in major city/tourist areas. As always beware of your surroundings, don’t carry more cash than you need, don’t flaunt any expensive personal belongings, and make sure your passport/visa are in a safe location.
Currency: Renminbi (RMB), basic unit of currency in the yuan. It is illegal to use foreign currency.
When To Go: It is mild but rainy in the spring month (March – May). June – September are the summer months and are incredibly hot and humid. Although November – March is damp and chilly there is seldom snow. September – November is the most comfortable weather.
Time: +12 hours (EST)

Don’t miss!

Yu Garden – extensive garden which is beside the City Gold Temple.

Oriental Pearl Tower – TV tower which is a distinct landmark. It stands 1,535 feet and was the tallest structure in China until 2007. At night the tower is lit in different LED colours.

2213439708_c44782652f_z Jim Mao Tower – 88 story skyscraper. Along with the Oriental Peal Tower it dominates the night skyline.

JinMao_Tower_von_obenLonghua Temple – Buddhist Temple which was dedicated to the Maitreya Buddha. It is the largest, authentic, and complete ancient temple in Shanghai.

576px-Longhua_PagodaNanpu Bridge – One of the main bridges in Shanghai; it was the first cable bridge and it spans over 400 meters.

Lu Xun Park – One of the most charming photogenic parks of all of Shanghai.

People’s Square – A large public square, which is the site of municipal government headquarters.


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