Quick Guide | Copenhagen, Denmark


The basics

Entry Requirements: Valid passport
Security: Petty crime (pickpocketing, theft of mobile phones). As always beware of your surroundings, don’t carry more cash than you need, don’t flaunt any expensive personal belongings, and make sure your passport/visa are in a safe location.

In case of emergency dial 112.
Currency: Danish Krone (DKK). ATM’s and major credit cards are widely accepted. However, numerous hotels, restaurants, and stores will not use them if they do not have the new “chip and pin” technology.
When To Go: March – May the crowds are less and the weather is pleasant but on the cooler side. June – August is still cool but very nice with temperatures ranging from 17-25C. Although September – November is beautiful the temperatures are rather cool at 10C. December – February is cold at -5C.
Time: +6 Hours (EST)

Don’t Miss!


Tivoli Gardens – Amusement park and pleasure garden which is the second olden amusement park in the world.

The Little Mermaid – Bronze statue of a mermaid which was based on the fairytale by the same name. It has been a major tourist attraction since 1913. It is 4F tall and weighs 385 pounds.

Langelinie – is a pier, promenade, and park, in the middle of Copenhagen.

Rosenborg Castle Gardens – The oldest and most visited parent in Copenhagen. It was created in the early 17th century and contains numerous historical buildings.

Kastellet – one of the best preserved star fortresses in Northern Europe.

Aarhus Botanical Gardens – a garden which was founded in 1875 which covered 53 acres of land.

Sluseholmen –  artificial peninsula in the South Harbour.


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