Quick Guide | St. Petersburg, Russia


The basics

Entry Requirements: Valid passport (must be valid for at least 6 months of your expected departure date). Tourist visa is required if you are staying in commercial accommodations; a guest visa is required if you’re staying in private accommodations
Security: Petty crime (pickpocketing, theft of mobile phones). As always beware of your surroundings, don’t carry more cash than you need, don’t flaunt any expensive personal belongings, and make sure your passport/visa are in a safe location.

You can be fined/detained for failing to provide proper documentation to authorities – photocopies are not acceptable.

Some criminals pose as police officers mainly in St. Petersburg – real officers wear a visible personal identification number on their uniforms.

Homosexual activity is prohibited in public as well as being opening homosexual. It is a punishable offense, and both the individual traveler as well as their friends/family/travelling companions.

For emergencies dial 01 for fire, 02 for police, and 03 for ambulance.
Currency: Russian Ruble (RUB). It is illegal to pay for goods or services in foreign currency.
When To Go: Summers are warm and sunny and through July and August the temperatures are comparable to the Mediterranean. During mid-summer there is hardly any darkness (even at night) which is known as “white nights”. September – October is a brief autumn where there are less crowds. November – February is considered winter and there is a great deal of snow and can be quite cold.
Time: +9 Hours (EST)

Don’t Miss!


Nevsky Prospekt – The main street of St. Petersburg

Peter and Paul Fortress – the original citadel of St. Petersburg. In the early 20th century it was used as a prison. Today is in the most important part of the State Museum.

Church of the Savior on Blood – one of the main sights of St. Petersburg. It was built on the site where Tsar Alexander II was assassinated.

church of
Peterhof Palace – known as the Russian Versailles, it is a series of palaces and gardens laid out on the orders of Peter the Great.

Catherine Palace – the summer residence of the Tsars.

Kazan Cathedral – the most respected icon in Russia which was constructed in 1801. It was modelled after St. Peters Basilica in Rome.

Griboyedov Canal – canal which was constructed in 1739 on the basis of an existing river. The canal was deepened and the banks were reinforced with granite. It is 5KM long and a width of 32 meters.

Summer Garden – The park was designed in 1704, and is one of the most romantic places in St. Petersburg.

Alexandrinsky Theatre – built for the imperial troupe in 1856 . Numerous premiers have performed on the stage as well as many famous directors.

New Holland Island – created in 1720, it is a triangular island which is now one of the most iconic parts of St. Petersburg

Obvodny Canal – longest canal in St. Petersburg. It is 8 KM long and flows from the Neva River.

Menshikov Palace
– palace which was the first stone building in the city, which was founded in 1710.


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