Travellers: International calls just got a lot cheaper!

ID-10086814One of the worst mobile roaming experiences I can recall from the last couple of years was that of a friend of mine travelling to India on business. Being on a Canadian mobile plan, he thought it would be a simple thing to call his service provider, inform them of his intended business trip (of about ten days in total), and have them set him up with a lower overseas roaming rate.

Unfortunately, there were two numbers on his account: his, and his wife’s. His wife, who was staying behind in Canada, used her phone as usual. But for some reason, the provider applied the international long distance travel rate to her phone instead of his!

The result? When he returned to Canada, he returned home to a phone bill that was nearly $2,000!

It took months to have error corrected, and all the while the account continued to accrue interest (can you imagine being charged interest on an unpaid balance you’re in the process of fighting?), and he even received several threatening calls from collection agencies. Eventually it got worked out, but it could have become much worse.

Protecting Your Bottom Line

The takeaway from the above example is twofold: First, major cellular providers are notorious for shooting first and asking questions later. They go the legal route, and assume that if the problem is their fault it can be sorted out later.

Second, and perhaps more importantly, is that you can’t really rely on your provider to get things right the first time. That may sound like a harsh statement, but when travellers routinely come home to phone bills in the thousands of dollars, it pays to protect your bottom line proactively.

Solve the problem before it starts

The simple solution? Get a SIM card for roaming. With an appropriately loaded SIM card, you can buy a pre-paid amount of time (usually in minutes) and/or data (in megabytes), pay it once, and be set for the duration of your trip.

All you need to do is use the card to replace the one that’s in your phone—or load it into a separate handset specifically for travel—and you’re on your way.

There’s only one catch: you’re stuck with the carrier’s rates, which even at the best of times can drain your prepaid SIM card in no time.

Enter SafariSIM

SafariSIM is a new approach to SIM card connectivity for travellers. Not only does it give you a prepaid mobile SIM card, but the amounts are loaded in dollar values, not in minutes or megabytes. And on top of that, you pay less per minute for voice calls, less per megabyte for data, and nothing for incoming SMS text messages.

This is because SafariSIM is more than just a SIM card. It’s carried on its own network, with its own data and calling rates, in some cases as much as 85% less than competitive mobile networks.

What this means is that you buy the prepaid card once, and your calling rates are lower than commercial rates, stretching the value of your card that much further. There are even countries where incoming calls are free.

What else does it do?

SafariSIM is a functional SIM card, which means it allows your smartphone to operate in all the normal ways it would operate with your provider’s SIM card installed.

In other words, you can call, receive calls, connect to the Internet, post to Facebook, and send and receive text messages. If you have other communications apps installed (such as BBM or Whatsapp), those will work as well. They just cost less to use when you’re out of the country.

How much does SafariSIM cost?

SafariSIM is available in $18, $53, $90, or $120 values. You can check the usage online at any time, and if you find your card is running low the credit on the card can be recharged at any time.

Once the card is loaded, all you need to do is call or connect as you normally would. The call and data rates vary depending on where you are in the world, but are still far below normal retail rates (for a full calculation of current rates, visit

So where can I get one?

To get SafariSIM delivered anywhere in the world, just stop by our web store at There you’ll find all the information you need, including how to contact us if you have any questions. Our sales team is very experienced and happy to help you get started.

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