Travellers: You’re paying too much for data.


Have you ever been on vacation; or perhaps travelling on business; and found that you’d like to connect to the Internet to reach those back home only to find that you’re unable to find a reliable WiFi source nearby? Or perhaps you were able to get through using your mobile phone as a hotspot, only to return home to a bill loaded into the thousands of dollars for data transfer and roaming costs.

These experiences are not unique, and sadly are becoming more and more familiar. Of course, knowing this, major cellular providers have roaming device packages that seem to solve the problem.

But do they really? In reality, not only do you still have to pay for your access to the Internet and to make calls overseas, but you will in most cases have to sign a three-year contract at a rate of $25 a month just to access these devices.

That doesn’t really sound like a solution, since the problem is all about spending too much on roaming and data costs.

Luckily there is a solution already available. But let’s explore the problem a bit further first…

For roaming products—notably SIM cards—from major cellular providers, the real feature is convenience. Everybody likes convenience of course. But there’s usually a price to be paid. For example, certain providers can supply a roaming SIM, but it will only work in their devices. And because they also provide the device, they’ll also require a contract. Having that contract ensures that you’ll still be paying top dollar just to gain access to the Internet and VoIP calls while you’re out of the country.

That still doesn’t sound like an advantage.

To add insult, you’ll be hard pressed to effectively add other devices to that product, making it almost impossible to access the Internet from your laptop or tablet, even though what you’re paying for is, in fact, Internet access. And when you do gain access, the cost of using that access carries a hefty fee…up to $1.00 per megabyte in the U.S..

The solution? How about a dedicated device with a selection of SIM options? A device you buy once with no contract? A device you can connect to ten external devices for fast, reliable 3G networking?

That’s what PiFiZone brings to the game.

PiFiZone (think Personal + WiFi) is a compact wireless device that acts just like a WiFi connection anywhere there’s a 3G network. When paired with the appropriate PiFiSIM option for your unique travel connectivity needs, it supplies all the power you need to get online quickly and efficiently.

PiFiZone allows you to connect up to ten devices, so your family or your team can all work online at the same time. It’s smaller than most smartphones so it fits easily in your pocket. Yet it’s powerful enough to connect virtually anywhere.

No WiFi access in your hotel room? No problem. Issues logging onto the conference room’s WiFi system? Not to worry. Whether you need to fire photos up to Facebook or bring your slide presentation down off the cloud, PiFiZone has your data needs handled.

Couple this with the PiFiDialer app, and your smartphone can also be used to make VoIP calls using the PiFiZone’s Internet connectivity. The savings here alone almost pay for the device. In fact, the data rates for using PiFiZone are insane: 50-90% savings compared to major network providers. And it can access this network on almost any international 3G network.

If you travel frequently, whether on business or for pleasure, PiFiZone is for you. The need to stay connected online, on the phone, and of course via social media is greater than ever. Regardless of the nature of your travel adventures, you’ve probably had to factor in the expense of staying connected when planning your trips in the past.

But not anymore. With PiFiZone you are your Internet hotspot. You can stay connected whether you’re enjoying the sites in Prague, addressing your shareholders at the AGM in London, or Facebooking photos of your Vegas bachelor party.

Don’t Facebook photos from Vegas. That’s just a bad idea. But you get where we’re going with this. If you’re on the road frequently and you’re tired of unreliable or unlocatable WiFi connections, and you’re even more tired of heavy-handed billing and contract strategies, PiFiZone can solve all of these issues for you in one purchase.

Even commuters can take advantage of the low rates and secure access. Hop on the train with PiFiZone, and you can work in comfort on your laptop, make those early morning calls without the ridiculous roaming fees, and check your emails without making a dent in your personal data plan.

(And listen: if you’re not a frequent traveller but think this would still be a really cool way to stay in touch on your next vacation, PiFi does have a rental option…)

So what does PiFiZone cost? Well, imagine you were to buy an iPhone from your area’s cellular provider. You’d be looking at about $600 for the phone itself. You could get that down to $200 with a three-year contract ($25 a month minimum). Then you’d have to get the SIM card ($40), with another contract for that ($25 a month). And you’d STILL have to pay for the data you use; or if you’re lucky enough to get a bundle, you’ll get a ridiculously small amount of data for free.

PiFiZone itself costs just $99.95 US by itself, or $109 US with the SIM card. That’s it. One-time purchase. Once activated, your data roaming costs per megabyte are 50-90% less than retail data rates you’d get from your cellular provider.

So where can I get one?

To get a PiFiZone delivered anywhere in the world, just stop by our web store at There you’ll find all the information you need, including how to contact us if you have any questions. Our sales team is very experienced and happy to help you get started.

Still not sure if PiFiZone is right for you? Check out this handy video that answers a lot of our customers’ frequently asked questions. Then get in touch or visit our website for more information. Wether you’re travelling across the ocean, across the country, or taking the downtown train, we’ll be happy to help you get connected, and stay connected, anywhere and everywhere, with PiFiZone.

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