Treat Yourself To A Greek Vacation

Greece is more than the “cradle of civilization”, one of the archeology’s finest in the world, and infamous history-packed country. Greece, with its illustrious culture, has long been studied in schools and by professionals. Because of the enticing records and interesting places, Greece is fast becoming the top tourist destination in the world.

Greece is located in Eastern Europe and is bounded by the Aegian and Ionian Seas in the Mediterranean.

Most people that visit Greece have specific images in mind on what Greece is all about. However, most of them are surprised to find out that this is a country with such architectural and religious diversity. Charming blue-domed churches and famous whitewashed homes can be found in the Cycladic Islands. In the cities of Nafplio and Ermoupolis, Neoclassical architecture is observed. Ottoman-influenced buildings can be found in Kozáni and Grevená, pastel-colored baroque homes and churches on Corfu, and whitewashed Cycladic homes on the island of Paros.

Towering mountain ranges, idyllic beaches, vast stretches of olive orchards in the south, lush forests in the north, and wine-producing valleys, are just few of Greece’s terrain that are as varied as its architectural heritage.

Here are some islands that have played an important part in the History of Greece and are famous to the Greeks themselves.


From 95 to 97 AD, Saint John the Divine was exiled here and had a vision of the Apocalypse.


The island of the sponge fishermen – that is Kalimnos. In celebration of the Easter Sunday, sheep are killed and eaten in Greece. In the town square, lamb stuffed with rice and herbs is served.


They say that the Three Graces have been born there. In 1373, The Knights of St. John also stayed there.


Rhodes is the island of the sun god, Helios. The original town dates back to 700 BC. In 1309, they say that the building of the medieval citadel by the Knights of St. John happened here. In 408 BC, this ancient town was founded. The guests can visit the ruins of the stadium and the gymnasium, the completely rebuilt theater, and the temples of Zeus and Athena.


This place owes its name to the Knights of St. John. They called it “Castello rosso” or “red castle”. Tour the Parasta by boat, one of the most beautiful caves in Greece.


A desert, much like Greece’s own Sahara, can be found in Limnos. This was the home of the Vulcan here in Ancient Greece.


This island was made famous by the poets Alceus and Sappho. It has notable contributions to the renown of Greek music, poetry, and art. The temple of Aphrodite lies in the center of the island.


Homer is said to have been born in this island. Turpentine trees are grown in some parts of the island for their resin. You will find your stay worthy if you visit the ruins of the temple of Apollo and the remains of monasteries there.


This was said to be the home of Aristarcus, Pythagorus, and Epicurus. Samos is world famous for
its white wine which is produced from the Muscat grape.


This island owned its name to Icarus whose myth came from here.

Now, whether you long to see the historic sites of those mentioned here or even for the fact that you’re enthralled by the charm of Greece and the Greek Islands, don’t hesitate to spend your vacation in Greece. No doubt you’ll find it worthwhile.


Have you had a Greek island adventure? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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